Hun's Cap and Crest

Feathers Hun's Cap and Crest Helmets Helmet Covers Shields and Borders

"on the crown there stands a Hungarian cap, turned all the way around,
of silver and gold divided, and with a red brim . . ."

The upside down cap first appeared in 1593 (5).
Crests served to secure wider recognition for the bearer of arms. . . . They decorated the helmet, each in its own way, vertically or transversely palced, as the helmet in the coat of arms was either turned to the side or had to be paced upright in full view. . . .The pointed cap also is . . . an old crest (10-11).
Our upside-down cap- that is, with the opening turned upward- the pointed cap with feathers stuck in it appears for the first time in 1593 to represent the crest once worn in battle and tournament and came in to general use in the arms. In this pointed cap are repeated the parting and the now three colors of the bordered shield of our augmented arms (11).

"Presumably the pointed hat developed from the crest stuck with feathers as it appeared in 1576 (11)".
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