Feathers Hun's Cap and Crest Helmets Helmet Covers Shields and Borders

"above the crown stands a steel-blue, open, forward-facing tournament-helmet,
red-lined, with golden bow-pieces and borders . . ."

"To helmets the science of heraldry applies the terms 'battle-helmets' and 'tournament-helmets'. In early Gothic representation of arms are chosen mostly the pot-helmet or the bucket-helmet. Tournament-helmet heraldry employs the pointed helmet out of the time of lance-tournaments, and the bow-helmet out of the time of sword- and mace-tournaments."

"The pot helmet covered the head to the neack; the bucket-helmet lay loosely upon the shoulders. Tournament helmets were screwed to the armor at the breast and neck."

In the representations of our arms appear the bucket-helmet, which developed from the pot-helmet, as well as the pointed helmet and the bow-helmet, each corresponding to the style of the chosen time. (10)

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