Feathers Hun's Cap Helmet Helmet Cover Shield

The von Bose Coat of Arms

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Feathers Hun's Cap and Crest Helmets Helmet Covers Shields and Borders

All coat of arms information is taken from the English translation of the "Beginning of a History of the Family von Bose" in the sections entitled "Introduction", "Our Arms" and "Heraldic Principles in Relation to Our Arms". The page numbers are referred to in parentheses ( ).

Description of the coat of arms "as the count's master of arms is authorized to display it" (8):

Inside a red border, parted silver and black; on the crowned bow-helmet with black-silver cover an upside-down, red-brimmed pointed hat of parted silver and black, with point bent toward the right, the opening of which is stuck with six cockfeathers, to the right three of silver and black divided with red tips turned toward the right, to the left three of silver with red tips turned toward the left.
The shield is held by two turned-away Prussian eagles, ornamented with the royal crown, and bearing golden trefoil stalks; the eagles have on their chests the quartered silver and black Hohenzollern shield, and they stand on a motto ribbon, which bears the inscription, Mit Ernst Zum Ziel {With Earnestness Towards The Goal} (See an illustration here.) (9).

The augmented arms (shown above) . . .are, according to the formal resolution of 4 Oct 1902, to be used for all official purposes and may be preprinted on the correspondence paper of those belonging to the von Bose family association . . . Representations of our arms shall be used only for inspirational purposes; they shall not be used in printed patterns (in fabrics, for example). (5, 11)

For more information, see Our Arms in the Family History section.

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