The original paragraph from the 1956 publication "Zur Geschichte des Geschlechts von Bose":

Here is my attempt at translation. Special thanks to Dr. Hans-Wilhelm Kelling, professor of German at Brigham Young University, for his help in translating the more obscure words, information about coats of arms, and suggestions of proper wording. I have taken liberties in adding verbs and punctuation to make this extract easier to read.

Arms of the imperial ducal twig which became extinct on 25 Dec 1887.
Wording of the original text:
" . . . a shield, which has in its lower, far-right corner a black field with 4 white, horizontal beams; diagonally from that, in a blue field is a brown, chestnut-colored cross; below that is a horizontal brown knife between three green clovers; in the upper far-right corner is an iron-colored anchor with a brown rope; in the middle there is a vertical black field, however, the middle is broken by a ragged red edge surrounding a horizontally divded heart-shaped shield whose right field is black, but whose left field is white; above that is a golden crown and below it one can see a six-pointed white star; above the shield are three open, blue-shaded, red-lined crowned tournament helmets of the nobility with hanging jewels and on both sides helmet covers of mixed yellow and black; above the last helmet is a green clover between two antlers; above the middle helmet is a white and black striped horn with a red turned-up brim, in which are 3 white and 3 black cockfeathers with red tips; above the first helmet is the star described in the shield standing between 2 curved buffalo horns with their mouthpieces turned outward; the shield is held on both sides by 2 upright standing yellow or gold-colored lions with curved tails, open jaws and red tongues sticking out. . . ."

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