Organization of the Family

The title is "The organization of the family into lines (Linien), branches (Äste, Ast {sing.}), twigs (Zweige, Zweig {sing.}), and houses (Häuser, Haus {sing.}) with the years of splitting off indicated.

++ = abgestorben: this indicates the year that the branch or house became "extinct", that is, all descendants in that particular line died.

Each branch (Ast) corresponds to a Family List.
Frankischer Ast Franconian Branch (Family List 2)
Franklebener Ast Frankleben Branch (Family List 3)
Ammendorfer Ast Ammendorf Branch (Family List 4)
Vogtländischer Ast Vogtländ Branch (Family List 5)
1. Haus Texas The House of Texas (Family List 6)

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