In many writings from by-gone centuries are discovered historical details of our family line. The first collection that had historical value was made by Parson Küstermann, of Geusa, in the year 1899, under the title "Beginning of a History of the von Bose Family"

Building on this work, cousin Emil (Family Number A116) compiled a book which appeared in 1902: "Genealogical Tables of the von Bose Family." In the year 1904 he wrote a book entitled, "The von Bose Family, Contributions Toward a Family History." Both of his valuable works constitute, together with genealogical and heraldic researches which cousin Ernst (Family Number A129) carried out, the foundation for the present work.

The desire to carry forward and broaden the family history project arose from among the circle of cousins.

We have been glad to meet this desire, which at the same time serves as a stimulus to the family spirit, and we shall pursue further this high aim. Our work is only a beginning; still it forms the necessary groundwork for a family history which may someday be written by a personality well adapted to the task. We will to the best of our ability, and all the year round, fill out the family lines to completion. To this end there awaits already newly discovered material that has been searched out. We hope that the cooperation of the cousins will make possible the achievement of this purpose.

The family members who through the spending of money have made possible the publication of this book are to be heartily thanked.

In questions regarding escutcheons we wish to express our thanks for the advice of the heraldic expert, Doctor (of jurisprudence) Walter Freier, initiator of "The German Escutcheon-Roll", who also prepared the drawing of our coat of arms.

Christmas 1956
The Compilers
Dietrich (Family Number F137)
Gerhard (Family Number A188)

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