Notes from the Editor(s)

Dear von Bose family members,

This book originally appeared in 1956. At that time, Victor Williams proceeded to translate the original from German into English. In 1988 David von Bose took the translation, typed it, and published it for all the children of Robert Joseph von Bose (VT 62). In the year 2003, I am happy to present the "new, improved" version, that is, a version accessible on the World Wide Web. Hopefully, this third publication will make access easy and fun for family members of all ages.

Due to the symbols used in HTML programming, I have changed the text from the 1988 version as follows:

Enjoy learning more about our family history and heritage.

Happy Surfing!


Tricia (von Bose) Allen

Note from David von Bose in the 1988 publication:

On this thirty-second anniversary of the publication of the "Beginning of a History of the Family von Bose," I am happy to present this copy of Grandpa Williams' translation of the German original. I have tried to follow the format of the book to make it easier to correlate the translation. In the midst of his translation, Grandpa Williams would sometimes make a comment about the material. His comments are enclosed in angle brackets < >. I hope you and your family enjoy reading this translation and learning more about this part of our heritage.


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